The Binghamton Bearcats are set to begin America East Conference Tournament play on Wednesday in New Hampshire against the UNH Wildcats. The Bearcats won three of their last five games to surge to the fifth seed in the conference tournament despite a slow start and a 5-9 conference record.

Head Coach Tommy Dempsey said that the past few years the America East Conference has been separated by a top tier of Albany, Stony Brook, Vermont and New Hampshire and a bottom tier of everybody else. That being said, he says with the long year they've had, it's nice to be able to say they're the best of that lower tier and hopefully, the best is yet to come.

"We're in a pretty good place for a team that's had a long year, we're in a pretty good place. I think guys are excited, I think guys know that we have a chance to win a playoff on Wednesday night," Dempsey said. "It's not like you're playing a team that's kicked you around a couple of times and it's not like you're just focusing on your own team. It's not like we haven't won several games coming down the stretch. I think overall, we're in about as good a place as we can be and now we just have to go and play the game."

Bearcats and Wildcats, Wednesday in Durham, NH at 7:30.