Students from Binghamton City School District were able to get a look into the business world on Wednesday.

The Binghamton Club hosted 60 Career and Technical education students for their first Career Exploration Fair. More than 17 businesses participated in the event to help expose students to a variety of careers in the business, health and culinary fields. Business Teacher, Michelle Gee said the fair was a good way to help students by providing an opportunity to speak with local career professionals to learn what it takes to achieve their career dreams.

Binghamton Student and Business Major, Michael Monasky said, "Most kids want to go get a career after college so it's nice to see the businesses around here to get a feel for what career you want to get into."

Business Education Teacher, Michelle Gee said, "We do plan on growing this and doing this each year for our students that way it puts them in a positive path and a goal to look forward to in the future."

Participating businesses include, Maines Paper and Food Services Inc., GHS Federal Credit Union and UHS.