By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).

The future is still uncertain for what is known as the Sturtevant house, or 47 North Street in Binghamton. The house, owned by the Broome County Land Bank has been recognized as a building of historical significance to the area, but would require at least $300,000 in renovations to restore. The Land Bank submitted a request for proposals from developers, but so far, no one has come forward.

"We were hoping to have one two or more developers come forward with a plan to acquire and redevelop the property. It was designated by the City of Binghamton as being of cultural significance, so the board does have the desire to see that building put back on the tax rolls." said Margaret Scarinzi, Executive Director of the Broome County land bank.

The Land Bank has renewed its request for proposals from developers, but if by August they don't have any the property will either be auctioned off or slated for demolition.