Students at Vestal's Glenwood Elementary School used science, technology, engineering, math, and some art, to get "STEAM'd" for science.

On Tuesday, a day of "STEAM" Fair assemblies, included hands-on activities and mentoring. Teamwork filled the school's classrooms.

“We learned how to make ice cream out of some chemicals and some ice stuff,” said Katherine Klimachemsky, a second grader at the school.

Students saw the creation of liquid nitrogen ice cream, helping them to learn about liquids, solids and gases. This was just one activity helping to spark students' interest in their upcoming science fair.

“It’s getting their minds going. It’s getting their excitement going for when they get home and start looking at projects,” said Molly Russell, coordinator of the "STEAM" Fair assemblies.

Students of all ages learned through activities such as how to engineer gum drop structures and make circuits out of Play-Doh.

“The science mixed with the technology, engineering and math is here; as opposed to having just science. So it’s expanding the opportunities for the kids," said Russell.

Vestal High School's IB Chemistry students helped out with Tuesday's event. They say opportunities like these helped to get them where they are today.

"It really makes it more exciting for them to come on to the high school and middle school and get involved with science programs,” said Sarah Boid, Vestal High School senior.

After this day of learning, elementary students said they think getting "STEAM'd" for science is pretty sweet.

“It’s fun to experiment and eat ice cream all at the same time,” said Klimachemsky.

The school's annual science fair, now renamed the "STEAM" Fair, will be held on February 25th from 6:30 to 8 p.m.