Following Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo's push for periodic structural inspections of all parking garages in New York State, the Department of State hosted a class on inspections for local code enforcement officers.

Thursday's training highlighted problems garages can face including moisture exposure, unprotected concrete and structural lifespans. Officials say if left unchecked, elements such as exposure can affect the structural stability of the garages.

“Depending on the age of the structure, and the lack of maintenance or maintenance of the structure, it would affect the structural integrity of it. With the three year inspection process, it would hopefully circumvent those problems in the long term and extend the life of the structure,” said Marty Moseley, First Vice President and Chairman of Education for the Southern Tier Building Officials Association.

Currently, code officers are regulated to inspect garages every three years, but for fire safety and property maintenance, not for structural stability, according to Lupardo. If her legislation passes, she expects inspections to begin in about a year.