By Faith Jessie.

Excitement rang out from a New Jersey bar last week after someone thought they won Saturday's 900 million dollar Powerball. Turns out they were looking at the wrong numbers.

This wasn't the case for local lottery winner, Ed Shattuck,

"I didn't even know how much it was, I looked it up and it said $3million dollars. I came up stairs.. told my wife about it and she said show me the money," said Ed Shattuck.

Binghamton is no stranger to lottery winners, James Willerton's father also won 3 million back in 1987.

"I said dad, there is a guy from NY lottery that wants to talk to you.. it could be one of your friends fooling around here, her wants to talk to you. So next thing I know I saw tears coming from his eyes.

Wednesday night's 1.5 billion dollar Powerball is building up excitement.

"We've had a second place in the Mega Millions before, we've had several Take 5 winners.." said Cavanaugh convenient store, owner Robert Cavanaugh.

It's a slim chance to win but it's something that local winners can vouch for.

"I feel very fortunate and lucky, I hope someone else wins it really," said Shattuck.

"I hope someone in the area wins here it would be really nice," said Willerton.

Many locals are attempting to join these winners by handing over their 2 dollars in hopes for the jackpot.