By Fox 40 Staff.

Two Binghamton men were arrested Tuesday in connection with a Christmas Day assault.

Syracuse police arrested Hamza, Khan, 20 and Nouman Khan, 18 of Binghamton, after turning themselves in Tuesday for their involvement with an alleged attack on two men who confronted the suspects after they were verbally harassing a homeless man in Syracuse.

According to authorities the incident took place on the 100 block of West Fayett St. The victims say that after they confronted a group of five men for harassing the homeless man... the group physically assaulted them putting both of them in the hospital.

The suspects were described as five well dressed, middle eastern looking men, with dark hair, operating a 4 door sedan BMW.

Hazma Khan and Nouma Khan were both charged with assault in the 3rd degree and are to appear in Syracuse city court on January 20th.

Police are still searching for the remaining three suspects. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Syracuse Police department at 315-442-5222.