By Faith Jessie.

District Attorney Gerald Mollen will turn in his keys to the office this Friday as Steven Cornwell steps in to serve as the new District Attorney.

Wednesday, Mollen reflected on his nearly three decades of service.

"The DA's office is a place of great responsibility, you're making decisions about people's lives each and every day, said Mollen.

Mollen has been making these decisions in Broome County for quite some time; 28 years to be exact. Although his service as District Attorney will come to an end Friday his accomplishments will have effects throughout the future.

"Recording suspect interviews, we were the first county in the state," said Mollen.

In addition to this, Mollen's accomplishments while in office include a multidisciplinary program for child abuse as well as programs enforcing the gang and drug task forces to tackle the areas criminal violence and drug abuse problems.

"Every single important area with in the criminal justice system, we have been in the forefront," said Mollen.

In those three decades came immeasurable change.

"Technology has changed, social media has changed. DNA has come into the system," said Mollen.

One of the biggest changes of all, Mollen's future. He's currently weighing his options to continue service at the local or state levels. In this time of uncertainty, he's excited for one door that is opening.

"I know the one thing I'll be doing is spending a little more time with my wife and my seven year old grandson.

Although the race to continue his service in office was a heated one against his opponent Steven Cornwell, Mollen is leaving the office in good spirits, passing along encouraging words to his successor.

"You are trying to, convict the guilty, protect the innocent and to do so within the rule of law, if you keep those things in mind, no matter what public opinion no matter what the press from a victim, or from a defendant or from a police organization, if you do those things, you'll be fine," said Mollen.

Steven Cornwell will be sworn in as the new District Attorney on Friday Jan 1st.