By Alex Howard (twitter:@alexhoward99).

Dr. Angelo Mastrangelo is an Endicott native and Business Professor at Binghamton University, but his expertise in business came from humble beginnings.

After starting out as a stock boy in the 1960's, he worked his way into becoming a milkman, eventually landing a job as a salesman at Canada Dry in southern New York. From there, he became a plant manager at C&C Cola before eventually purchasing the company and renaming it Adirondack Beverages.

After receiving a PhD from Albany University in 2001, he began teaching entrepreneurship and leadership at Binghamton University.

On November 30th of this year he released his first book,
Entrepreneurial Leadership
, cataloging his professional success and seeking to inspire those who might follow in his footsteps.

"It has nothing to do with owning your own company. The entrepreneurial process is the creative process. It has nothing to do with ownership, everyone says you have to own your own company. Well Steve Jobs did his best working running a public company, so did Elon Musk," said Mastrangelo.