The Binghamton Mets announced Monday that Mike Urda and his partners sold the franchise to John Hughes and Evans Street Baseball effective December 23. As new owner, Hughes first order of business was to emphatically declare that the B-Mets will stay in Binghamton for the long term.

Despite having a Player Development Contract with the New York Mets through 2020 and a stadium lease with the city through 2021, rumors seem to constantly pop up that the B-Mets are being sold and relocated. The latest of which was a sale to Main Street Baseball with the intention to relocate to Wilmington, DE. Now, with a new ownership group pledging to keep the team in town, those rumors should cease.


If attendance remains low, as it has in past years, it's probably only a matter of time before those rumors begin again. But Hughes says he's a man of his word and he has ideas he plans to implement to quiet the skeptics.

"There are going to be naysayers out there saying 'it needs to be a short season team, it's a short season market.' Well guess what, it's cold in Manhattan; it's cold in Portland, Maine; it's cold out in Erie and their fans come out to the game because the team gives them a reason," Hughes said. "If a franchise gives the fans a cause, a reason to come out to the stadium then there's really nothing to talk about. So when there are rumors, the best thing I can say to the fans, if you want [the rumors] to go away, show support for the team. Let's get everybody out to the ballpark, I'm going to give you a reason to come, you show your support and all the naysayers won't have anything to talk about."

The B-Mets season begins April 7th, 99 days away.