In February it was announced that the annual Stop DWI Holiday Classic was cutting it's national division due to the increased costs and diminishing attendance. Instead, the tournament would continue as a two four-team division tournament at area high schools. The result? The Stop DWI Winter Classic on Friday and Saturday.

The two divisions, previously Region I and Region II have been renamed the Charlie Howland Division and the Charlie Terricone divisions, respectively. Howland was a Binghamton North High basketball coach who was killed by a drunk driver. Terricone was the first tournament director of the Stop DWI Holiday Classic as well as a coach at Seton and Union-Endicott. The Howland Division games will be played at Binghamton with the Terricone Division games at Seton.

As in year's past, the regional divisions have featured teams from outside of Broome County and this year that's no exception. Kennedy Catholic returns to the tournament after winning the Region I bracket last year, but Schalmont and Cortland come to the area for the first time. The goal every year is to bring in new teams from around the state so that it's not just a glorified STAC tournament.

"Those teams already play each other 2, 3, 4 times a year, we didn't want to see a 4th or 5th game," said Chris Marion, Broome County Stop DWI Coordinator. "As you can see we bring in IAC, STAC, Tri-Valley, Cortland who's never been down here, Schalmont who's never been down here. So in the future you can expect to see us looking at each league and ideally not having more than one team in each league so we can see a mix of play before teams go into their league play schedules."

Below is the tournament schedule and time:

Friday, Dec. 4

Game 1: Cortland @ Schalmont, 6:00, Howland Division (BHS)

Game 2: Chenango Valley @ Laurens Central, 6:00, Tarricone Division (SCC)

Game 3: Binghamton @ Kennedy Catholic, 8:00, Howland Division (BHS)

Game 4: Seton @ Dryden, 8:00, Tarricone Division, (SCC)

Saturday, Dec. 5

Game 5: Losers of games 1 & 3, 4:00, Howland Division (BHS)

Game 6: Losers of games 2 & 4, 3:00, Tarricone Division (SCC)

Game 7: Winners of games 1 & 3, 6:00, Howland Division (BHS)

Game 8: Winners of games 2 & 4, 7:00, Tarricone Division (SCC)