By Emily Girsch.

Stores in the area were packed full of last minute Thanksgiving meal shoppers.

Amidst the honking and the parking and the scrambling for carts, a few people stopped to let me in on their secrets for getting along with the in-laws.

Responses were varied.

Some were heartfelt.

"It's a great time of year so everybody should just move past anything that's been wronged in the past," said Barb Williams.

"All you have to do is put that aside for the day."

Others were practical.

"I've found that if you keep them well-fed and happy, and just kind of ignore them, they seem to be okay," said Pennie Merrick.

Some were both heartfelt and practical.

"Just stay relaxed. Be calm. Lighten the mood with some holiday music," said Chris Evanick.

"Don't talk about politics. Just have fun and enjoy each others' company."

Then there were those who were just a little humorous.

"They're 'modern' in-laws, but not really in-laws," said David Phinney.

"Maybe that's why I like them."