By Faith Jessie.

A home in Binghamton that has been housing parolees and those transitioning from homelessness is drawing concern from some neighbors.

The co-owner of the 16-bedroom house at 2 Mill Street says he is trying to give people a second chance. But now he needs to apply for new zoning from the city to establish the house as a community residence. One neighbor, though, told us he fears for the safety of his wife and two girls and is concerned that the house will attract child molesters and felons.

A resident who used to live in the house says that she was able to get high there and believes they should drug test to make sure the home is safe. But another neighbor says while the idea could be alarming at first, the people using the home deserve a chance. That idea is echoed by the home's co-owner.

"I can understand how it would make some people uncomfortable, because they are there for a reason.

but i think that they also deserve a chance," said DeAnna Beams, neighbor.

"Convict, ex-felon, there's really negativity there. They're not just something to throw off to the side, they are people. And a lot of them, they've just made mistakes. And as I say, it's not a halfway house, it was never set up to be a halfway house. It's a transitional home. It's set up to help people who are struggling," said Lee Bronson, part owner.

The city will hold a public hearing to discuss the proposal for establishing an official community residence at the home next Monday in the City Council Chambers City Hall at 5:35pm.