What do you get when you pair food tasting with zombies? An early evening of the living dead. Also known as the Art and Mission Theater's annual fundraiser. The organization hosted the event in Downtown Binghamton last night in order to raise funds for their independent movie screenings and art exhibits.

"So we are the only movie theater in the area that's non-profit. So we're showing stuff that's not like the blockbusters. So we're showing independent films, foreign films, documentaries," said Tim Mollen, President of the Board of Directors for the Art and Mission Theater.

The art house's supporters came in costume and worked the room full of wine, beer, and food samples. After escaping from the living dead, supporters could participate in a silent auction or continue indulge in pizza, desserts, and a variety of beverage samples...all to support a staple in Binghamon's art community.

"We're a big important part of the art scene in Downtown Binghamton and this is our major fundraiser. We don't really make any money from movies themselves, over 50% of the ticket sales goes right back to the movie distributors, " said Mollen.

"Well I think it gives people a sense of culture, something different to do. You know small towns like this don't really have an art house, or they aren't really able to have access to these types of films. Rather than driving to Ithaca or New York City, they can see them right here in their city," said Rebecca Sheriff, Executive Director.

It's something that community members really appreciate.