Thousands of people came out to the 12th Annual Traci's Hope barbecue for a great cause.

Between admission, face paintings, and even a hammer for hope

competition, Traci's Hope was able raise a lot of funds to help finance breast cancer related medical expenses.

"It's just a way to give back to the people that are going through everyday. Their fight through this everyday, you know. And, the hardships and what not, just a way to make it easier for them. Depending on what kind of help they need," said Co-Organizer of Traci's Hope Fundraiser Brian Gibson.

Organizers say to receive funding, the patient must be local, have breast cancer, and be under a doctors care.

Every year Traci's Hope also has a motorcycle ride on the day of their fundraiser however, this year's was canceled.

Even though Traci is no longer with us, her mission was to help people who battled breast cancer just like she did.