The Pope will visit a major US city a little further south from New York City. One local priest has a chance to see the Pope in the City of Brotherly Love.

Father Tim Taugher, St. Francis of Assisi says, "I'm going down to Philadelphia to participate in the Papal visit, so it's trying to implement a lot of what Pope Francis is saying with the joy of the Gospel. I'm not sure how close we're going to get, but I'm participating in a couple of the talks. The talk Saturday night with World Families and then celebrating the mass on Sunday afternoon."

Father Taugher will be in Philadelphia until Monday. He is not sure how close he will be to the popular Pontiff. But he told us what he would say to him if he had a chance,"Pope Francis, we love the encyclical and we're looking forward to the encyclical on peace and non-violence."

Another priest in Philadelphia also told us what he would say to the Pope if he had the chance.

Father Paul Morrissey says, "You give us so much hope, keep it up. Here's my number, my cell number, if you get into town and you wanna call me and if he does, this is a really wild thought but he does this some time, I'm gonna say do you want me to bring you a cheese steak?"

Father Morrissey will help out with the papal visit in Philadelphia as well. He says the Pope will visit prisons to ask the prisoners for forgiveness.

"He wants to do what he believes Jesus is all about, reach out to the outcasts, the marginalized, the lost sheep. He is going to offer forgiveness. He told them in a Bolivian prison, I am a sinner so I bring them what I received, forgiveness. I believe also that when he embraces them, he will also receive forgiveness for the church which needs forgiveness"