The lengthy murder trial of Nigel Smith winds down, both sides gave their final arguments today in Broome County Courthouse.

Call records are easy to access today, and they are being used by law enforcement on a regular basis without suspects even knowing it.

Today, they were used by prosecutors in an attempt to convict Nigel Smith in the 2013 murder of Betnie "Sha" Owens.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Dooley showed Smith's phone records and location hits in his closing arguments. It revealed that Smith seldom used his cellphone after midnight yet made several calls after midnight the morning of Owens's murder.

On the other side, the defense showed off the lack the lack of physical evidence linking Smith, and acquitted alleged co-defendant Calvin Bell to the Stone Street location of the murder that early June morning in '13.

In addition, the defense also targeted the credibility of many of the prosecution's witnesses...noting that some were heroin addicts.

The murder trial of Nigel Smith has wrapped up. The jury will begin deliberation on Monday as is always the case, there is no word on how long deliberation will last. at this hour we have not been able to obtain comment from Smith's family although they were in court today.