By Alex Howard.

Jurors saw graphic images of victim Bretnie "Sha" Owens' body Wednesday as part of the testimony of forensic pathologist Dr. James Terzian.

Some jurors had to look away when Terzian described a picture showing Owens' skull, with his skin peeled back.the autopsy concluded the cause of death as asphyxiation, meaning Owens choked to death. Pictures showed severe bruising and internal bleeding under the scalp, which investigators believe was caused from being stuck on the head with the frying pan, found next to his body in the apartment.

He also ruled out any possibility of accidental death, certain that it was a homicide. However, the following testimony of a New York State Police forensic scientist did not find DNA or fingerprints linking either Nigel Smith or Calvin Bell to the Stone Street apartment. Bell, who was Smith's co-defendant in the case, was found not guilty of the murder of Owens in June.