Some local students are taking their talents into the woods.

More than 100 audience members came out this weekend for each of the SPARE Productions Company's summer 2015 musical production of "Into the Woods." The shows were held in the Binghamton high school Helen Foley Theatre.

The production originally opened on Broadway in 1987 and weaves together classic fairy tales into one enchanting piece.

SPARE Productions was founded in 20-12 and provides an opportunity for students to perform while on school breaks.

"The show is all about what happens when people have to make decisions under pressure and have to go across a boundary in their lives. And for our cast, which is a young cast, very talented, but they're young. They're high school and college students mostly and that's what their whole life is about. So it's really kind of an exciting opportunity to translate what they're going through in their real lives onto the stage," said Director of play and President of SPARE Productions Brian Ives.

The production company's next show will be a cabaret called "SPARE Swap" scheduled for August.