Is the future of television dying or will we be watching the tube in our self driving cars on the way to work?

On Tuesday at the Binghamton Rotary Club meeting Fox 40's own General Manager John Leet says we should be experiencing the latter in the not too distant future. Leet spoke on how the medium will be changing and what exactly to expect. Content providers are making on-demand content more readily available with smart tv's and mobile programming.

General Manager of Fox 40 John Leet said, "So many other choices in media, with so many videos but still television delivers the biggest mass audience of any medium in the world. We just came out of the World Cup soccer match over 26 million viewers."

Social Media Advisor Dan Miller said, "People aren't really at the whim of television schedules anymore, and with DVR's and over the top content networks they can get content wherever they want."

According to a survey done by Marshall Marketing in the Binghamton area

23% of people watch between one and two hours of television a day, and 27% watch between two and four hours.