Freshman at Binghamton University took their first step towards campus living and their college careers Monday.

Freshman orientation kicked off helping roughly 300 students adjust to life at college.

Students got the chance learn campus rules, put together a class schedule, and find out about student interest groups.

Many of the students we spoke with Monday were more than excited to start college come fall.

Greg De Tournemire said, "There could be a ton of economics majors but you could be the one kid who took course writing on the side or scuba diving and become a lifeguard. And I think that's what's really special about Binghamton is that you can take so many course on the side that aren't you major because of the availability and sheer size."

Deanna Cassino said, "Yeah, it's amazing because if they didn't have this orientation I would have no idea what I was doing and my schedule would be all messed up."

Binghamton University's Freshman Orientation is a two day program and takes place throughout the summer.