The Binghamton Zoo is welcoming its newest resident to the world, quills and all.

The New World Tropics exhibit at the zoo is now featuring a baby porcupine, which was born over the weekend. The porcupines in the zoo are equipped with a prehensile tail, used for grasping branches. This is different than the native porcupines you'd see in our area. The baby, whose sex is still currently unknown, was born without quills, but is quickly growing them as it gets older.

"He was born on Father's Day, he was born on Sunday. We just came in and found him, up there in the tree with his mom. These guys are nocturnal so they do all their activities overnight, including giving birth. We were pretty sure that mom was pregnant, but we weren't really positive, so we prepared just in case," said Zookeeper Stephanie Radzik.

The porcupine has yet to be named yet. The record age of a prehensile porcupine is 27 years old.