Some high school students are trying to mash their way to a world record.

This weekend four juniors from the Union-Endicott High School, going by the name of the "Potato Posse", attempted to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest serving of mashed potatoes. The event began as part of an English project. Working with more than 35 volunteers, the group began washing, boiling and mashing potatoes early Saturday morning. They then weighed the potatoes to try to break the listed record of 2,297 pounds.

"Apart from the record, it's great to see that we can do anything that we set our minds to. I mean we just picked something random, breaking a world record, and we are here. We are about to break this world record. And to know that four high school students could achieve this by just drive and just trying to figure things out, that's just great. And I'm definitely going to look forward to the future of just taking risks and just going wherever it goes," said Member of Potato Posse Evan Armstrong.

The "Potato Posse" exceeded the current world record reaching a weight of more than 2,641 pounds of mashed potatoes.

The potatoes will be frozen and donated to the Community Hunger Outreach WareHouse -- or CHOW -- who will help in distribution.