The next time an emergency strikes our area you could know what to do much more quickly.

Public media outlets throughout the state, including WSKG in Broome County, will cover the state with a new emergency direct link.

This link uses video conference technology to allow officials to broadcast immediately in the event of emergency on public media, with other TV and radio stations able to take that signal. the need for a program like this became apparent in the aftermath of the flood of 2011.

"As part of the after-action review the County Executive's Office and our office felt we needed to do a better job of providing information faster and more continual to the public," said Brett Chellis, Director of Emergency Services for Broome County.

In Binghamton officials can broadcast from three locations: the Broome County Office Building, the Broome County Emergency Services Office, and the National Weather Service at the Greater Binghamton Airport.

The program is funded by grants through the Decker Foundation and Department of Homeland Security.