Some area students are taking the opportunity to attend a first of it's kind 10 week academy that officials say will provide insight into real life police work.

The Student Citizen Police Academy is a free, 10 class program taught by current Binghamton Police Officers from June 2nd to July second in City Hall.

This is the first student academy, molded after the popular Citizen Police Academy. Among many units represented will be SWAT, CSI, k-9 and the Patrol Division. Officers say it's a good learning experience for young adults interested in a career in law enforcement, as well as those just hoping to learn more about the life of a police officer.

"People have questions about why police act a certain way, why they're stopping cars in certain areas, the way that they treat people when they get them out of cars. This explains to the students why police officers are taking the actions that they do," said Michael Whalen, Lt. of Crime Prevention.

Whalen says this is a unique opportunity as well in the sense that it also gives police officers the perspective of young adults, and how they feel when they are being stopped.