By Fox 40 Staff.

Testimony continued Tuesday in the trial of Calvin Bell, charged with second-degree murder in the death of Bretnie Owens in June of 2013. The prosecution, which says the death happened in the commission of a robbery, continued calling it's witnesses.

Wednesday jurors heard testimony from a woman claiming she was romantically involved with Calvin Bell.

She testified about the day she went to Bretnie Owens' home to buy heroin. She testified Owens felt she left him 100 dollars short and he made her strip naked and molested her looking for the cash.

The next morning she told Calvin Bell about what happened and she was very upset. She says she met with Bell and Nigel Smith when Smith told her, "He wanted to go to (Owens') house to show him how to treat a lady."

She testified Bell told her to park her car on Mary Street while they pay a visit to Owens. After 20 minutes, she says Smith drove past her at 95 miler per hour heading to Route 17 West. She followed them to Johnson City where they stopped at Arch Street. She testified Bell dumped a gray Walmart bag in a double decker dumpster and then proceeded to Bell's apartment. There she testified Smith told her, "i don't think ya homie is with us anymore."

She testified while shopping at Walmart at 3:30 in the morning, Bell told her to keep her mouth shut about what happened. Testimony continues Wednesday morning at 9:45.