Canoes are drawing people into the tri-town area.

It was all part of this weekend's General Clinton Canoe Regatta held in Bainbridge.

This event draws in more than 1,500 paddlers to compete in boating races. Spectators also came out to watch the event and in addition to races a festival is held with vendors, amusement rides and different foods.

There was also live music held throughout the weekend.

"It really brings people from all over the country from Cooperstown right to Bainbridge because they stay in Cooperstown and they stay in Oneonta. There's a lot of people from Michigan and Canada that race in the race so we bring in a lot of outside people in and then we have our regional part of it," said Regatta Chairman John Harmon.

The weekend comes to a head tomorrow with the Memorial Day

70-mile endurance race with more than 350 paddlers racing from Cooperstown to Bainbridge.