One local high school class is selling an album they've created on iTunes.

Johnson City High School started a pilot class called "music industry" where students learned recording software, setting up recording sessions, and creating tracks with electronic instruments.

Each of the eight students in the class composed a song inspired by Greek mythology.

The name of their album is "Oasis of the Gods", and they call themselves "Twilight Minefield".

Johnson City Senior Desiree Moore said, "I think my favorite part of this class is learning how real music is made. This is what they do in recording studios, this is what people do to make real music, and this is the kind of stuff that we listen to everyday so just learning about it is a real cool experience."

Moore classifies her song as indie rock and it was based off of the Greek Goddess NYX.

The class put their work up on iTunes Wednesday, proceeds from album will go towards the Music Booster Club.