This nice weather makes for a perfect time to go outside -- but experts say there are some risks that come with being outdoors.

Today the Southern Tier Lyme Support Group hosted their first annual Lyme Disease Conference 2015 at Binghamton University.

More than 400 people attended the conference to learn about the disease, symptoms and treatments.

Lyme Disease experts were there to provide presentations about the disease and its effects.

There were more than 20 vendors including Hands on Health, Family Tree Homemade Products and Integrative Health.

There was also a "lyme quilt" where people could make a donation and write someone affected by the disease on it. Experts say this disease is growing more widespread among the population.

"It's important to learn about Lyme disease and co-infections because it's affecting many many people who are getting sick. It can affect global economies, it's a world problem. So it's an epidemic, and everybody needs to be educated at this point because people are getting so ill," said Board Certified Internist Dr. Richard Horowitz.

"There's a lot of misconceptions with Lyme disease, you know, with the ticks and where you are going to be exposed to them. It's not just in the woods and in high grass areas, it is very unfortunately right in our front yards and our backyards, so we need to be aware of that," said co-chair of Southern Tier Lyme Support Margaret Leone-Smith.

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