The Discovery Center is giving some kids the opportunity to explore one of their favorite automobiles.Trucks!

Saturday, the Discovery Center held its Truck Day for the first time in eight years.

Hundreds of people came out to enjoy a day of exploring more than 25 big trucks, little trucks and other vehicles. Fork lift demonstrations, National Guard Vehicles and a SWAT vehicle were among those on display.

There were also free shuttle rides from "Sweetie" the BC Transit Trolley.

"I think kids just love trucks and they're fascinated by them. And my fellow co workers here her grandson's first word was "truck" so you know they love trucks you see little boys running around and they have truck t-shirts on and they are really having a good time today ," said marketing director at Discovery Center Martha Steed.

Saturday's event also helped to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Discovery Center's Story Garden.