The New York State Office of Children and Family Services says it is investigating a local childcare provider.

ABC Childcare and Learning Center has two locations: on Upper Front Street in Binghamton and Hooper Road in Endwell. The Binghamton location was inspected on April 13th and had 24 areas where it's compliance status was not corrected.

At the Endwell location, also inspected on April 13th, that number was 18. Some of the items that were listed as not corrected included the prohibition of withholding or using food, rest or sleep as punishment, children being left without competent direct supervision at any time, and the prohibition of methods of discipline, interaction or toilet training which frighten, demean or humiliate a child.

We spoke to a manager of the ABC Childcare location in Endwell who said the company is currently working with the Office of Children and Family Services.