By Samantha Bleiweis.

Closing arguments in the trial of Cal Harris have been delayed until Tuesday.

Harris is the Town of Spenser man charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife Michele back in 2001. No body or murder weapon has ever been found. judge George Bartlett delayed proceedings this morning in Schoharie County Court after a jurors' family member passed away.

Harris' defense team says they have no rebuttal witnesses to call, but defense attorney Bruce Barket says that he still feels there is another person responsible for this crime, someone that Michele Harris worked with, a man named Stacy Stewart. But he says the jury will never see this information because judge Bartlett ruled that 3rd party culpability evidence will not be admissible in this trial.

"There's some people and I don't blame them--they have a religion--and that religion is Cal committed this crime. All logic, all facts all reason will get shattered against the rock of their faith in that religion. It just doesn't happen to be supported by the evidence," said Defense Attorney Bruce Barket.

Prosecutor Kirk Martin has declined to comment. closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday morning.