Tioga Downs Casino is showcasing comics and pop culture.

Sunday, the casino held their River Road Expo. All ages were welcome and more than 1,000 people came out to the free event to browse a variety of comics, comic art and other creations of more than 55 vendors.

The expo also featured Scott Hanna, an award winning inker known for his work on the Amazing Spider-Man pieces, among a selection of pop culture creators.

"It's all about fandom and so it's all about just loving something and being around like-minded people that really enjoy being together in a fun, friendly atmosphere," said co-host of Tioga Downs River Road Expo Comic Convention Jared Aiosa.

"When somebody comes up to me to tell me that they have bought a book that I wrote, and that they love it and that they're way into it and we have a conversation about the characters. If you can get in front of somebody that appreciates the work that you do and is interested in those things and you can give a little bit back to them in person, I think it has a lot more meaning," said author of "The Dark Knight Manual" Brandon T. Snider.

Tioga Downs is also gearing up for its Summer Concert Series, some performers include Chubby Checker, Sara Evens and Lee Greenwood. For more details on upcoming events at Tioga Downs just head to their website www.tiogadowns.com.