Local community members are learning more about health issues plaguing countries around the world.

On Friday at the 2015 Human Rights and Global Health conference, experts explained the struggle those in other countries face to access clean water and essential medication. Speakers also discussed the health impact these issues have on those in effected countries.

According to members of the Global Health Impact Project being well educated about these problems is the first step in preventing the spread of deadly disease.

Head of the GHI, Nicole Hassoun says, "Millions of people die from diseases like malaria, TB, and HIV around the world. These diseases are infectious diseases so people even in Binghamton, I'm sure, are suffering from HIV. We're working on Global Health but in a local context."

The Global Health Impact Project will be hosting a workshop Saturday morning at the Binghamton University campus. It's for those interested in learning more about how to provide accessibility to better health care across the globe.