By Fox 40 Staff.

The Binghamton Police officer accusing Chief Joseph Zikuski of sexual harassment has been found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident.

A City Judge ruled Kristi Sager guilty Wednesday. Sager hit a car while she was off-duty on February 4th. She testified she told the owner of the car to take a picture of her license plate to get the information he needed.

Sager has said this charge as well as accusations she left her post without permission on multiple occasions are retaliation for her accusations against Zikuski. Judge William Pelella ruled Wednesday that Sager failed to provide her full name, address, and insurance information prior to leaving the accident.

Attorney Ron Benjamin said, "He appeared to being taking a more reasonable view of the statute to look at what the legislature intended and instead he took the hyper technical perspective that the district attorney argued for which we simply think is not correct."

Sager must pay a $50 fine. Benjamin plans to appeal, saying this will be used in an effort to try to terminate Sager as a police officer. Both Sager and Zikuski are currently on paid administrative leave.