Cal Harris' defense team continues to push for Judge Bartlett to allow testimony they argue would exonerate Cal and implicate someone else in the death of Cal's wife Michele who disappeared in September of 2001.

Potential defense witness Julie Brinkman took the stand today outside the presence of the jury and testified that she believes her ex-boyfriend Stacy Stewart was involved with the disappearance of Michele Harris.

Stacy Stewart is someone attorneys have spent a lot of time arguing about outside the presence of the jury. Michele Harris was allegedly sleeping with Stewart at the time of her disappearance and the defense says he is the man actually responsible for her death.

While on the stand Brinkman said that when drinking with Stewart earlier this year she questioned him about his involvement in this case. She says initially Stewart denied knowing anything about the victim or the defendant but he eventually told her that he was the last person seen with Michele alive.

Brinkman added that on a different occasion Stewart commented that he knew how to hide a body.

During cross examination prosecutors questioned Brinkman about why she brought this information to the defense and never mentioned it to state police.

The Defense presented Brinkmans testimony as an offer of proof hoping judge George Bartlett would allow jurors to hear her testimony despite his ruling on third party culpability.

Also today, Prosecutors continued their cross examination of Kevin Tubbs poking holes in his testimony and pointing out inconsistencies in his testimony.

During direct examination Tubbs told jurors that he saw a woman he believes was Michele Harris at the end of the Harris driveway with a dark haired man at 6 am on September 12th 2001, which is after the time prosecutors allege she had been killed.

Prosecutors argued that Tubbs' is biased specifically citing a civil lawsuit he filed against state police for false arrest and unlawful use of physical force following an incident at a gas station.

This afternoon the defense made legal arguments that Tubbs should be allowed to identify Stacy Stewart as the man he saw in the driveway with Michele on the morning of September 12th.

The judge will make rulings on Tubbs testimony and whether or not Brinkman will be allowed to testify in front of jurors when court reconvenes tomorrow morning.