By Fox 40 Staff.

Drug overdose deaths in Broome County have almost quadrupled in the last five years.

This according to Senator Charles Schumer who was in Binghamton to launch his push to designate Broome County as a high-intensity drug trafficking area. This would result in additional federal resources, intelligence, and funding for the war on drugs.

The Broome County Special Investigations Unit Task Force has made two significant drug busts within the last two weeks, one resulting in the discovery of 130 bags of heroin and another with 291 bags of heroin. Officials say that the 15-man task force works diligently and that giving Broome County a high-intensity designation would help in a number of ways.

Senator Charles Schumer said, "The feds share intelligence with our localities. And as I've mentioned when it comes to heroin it's not coming from here, it's not even coming from the United States, so the federal government may know when a big shipment has arrived that was snuck into Kennedy airport."