An outside expert from California on the chemical TCE spoke to members of the Western Broome Environmental Stakeholders Group in Endicott Thursday night.

Lenny Siegel of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight shared his opinion on what should be done to clean up a concentrated pool of solvents under the IBM site.

"What I was trying to raise tonight are questions first about what's the best way to complete the cleanup in the off-site areas. Secondly, Looking ahead when is it appropriate to turn off the mitigation systems that prevent the contaminants from coming inside. Finally, I know the community is concerned about it, is what's going to be done in the long run to clean up the source areas on the Huron campus " said Lenny Siegel, Executive Director of the Center For Environmental Oversight.

The Western Broome Environmental Stakeholders Group meets weekly to discuss the current state of the clean-up process.