It's been 6 years since fourteen people including a gunman lost their lives during a shooting rampage at the American Civic Association in Binghamton.

"We said goodbyes, you know 'I'll see you we'll be back by noon.',"said Lubomyr Zobniw.

Lubomyr Zobniw says that when his wife left their home on the morning of April 3rd, 2009 he never expected it to be the last time he would see her.

"I can visualize us exchanging our hopes and dreams.

All those items that we were going to do they're not going to be around," says Zobniw.

His wife, Maria Zobniw, was one of the thirteen people shot and killed when gunman Jiverly Wong opened fire at the Binghamton ACA, before taking his own life.

"The house still feels very empty," said daughter Zoriana Zobniw.

Members of the Zobniw family and others affected by the shooting visit ACA Memorial Park each year on the anniversary of the incident to remember their loved ones.

"Wherever she was she left a mark. A quiet passive mark that still, people remember," said Zobniw.

The Zobniws say they will continue to visit the park as family each year to keep the memory of their mother alive for future generations.

"Now the responsibility is to teach them about how wonderful our mother was so that they know what a fabulous person she was," said Zoriana Zobniw.