One hundred and twenty 8th-graders from eight schools took a field trip to Lockheed Martin today - and there was plenty of hands-on activity.

Lockheed engineers talked about their own careers while the students built bridges out of gumdrops and spaghetti.

Those bridges then underwent a vibration stress test. Teams also designed protective packaging for an eggdrop. Students also sat in the cockpit of a flight simulator.

"If you just keep on trying you'll end up getting it. No matter how many times you try you'll always get it," said Brenden Cow, an 8th grader from Spencer Van Etten.

"The activities seem very simple and very high level but they expose you to the people who are engineers and you can talk to them about what they're doing day to day," said Jenn Kotski,a Software Engineer.

Lockheed has had this annual Engineers Day event since 1998.