Susquehanna Valley Girls Basketball beat Hoosick Falls in the Class B State Championship at Hudson Valley Community College 51-45 on Saturday. This was the first time they have made the big game and the win was their first in program history. This group of girls had a special chemistry between each other and you could see this team grow together with every close victory they earned leading up to the finals. Their motto for the season was #banners but in reality it's just a number that they all wear on the backs of their warm-up jerseys.

"You see our shirts, they say one. That is our motto. No one turns against each other and if someone makes a mistake, we do not call it out. It's not one persons fault, we do this together. Every single game was together and that's how we got here," said Senior Jordyn Williams.

"We are all friends so when someone gets down, we just push them right back up and we say 'You can do this.' We really help each other out," said Paige Finch who scored 9 point in the win.

"When we came here, I think this just brought us even closer. We all wanted it so much that we all just wanted to play for each other and be able to say that we have it," said Tournament MVP Erin Nolan.

The future is very bright for the Sabers at Susquehanna Valley. They only lose two seniors on the roster with Jordyn Williams and Lindsay Gregory graduating in June.