Binghamton Mayor Rich David took time to recognize the local Irish community.

Tuesday the Irish flag was raised in front of City Hall in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

This is just one way the city is celebrating Irish-American heritage.

Parade day -- which was held earlier in the month -- also celebrates the culture with plenty of food, drinks and music.

Mayor david says raising the flag over the city celebrates irish contributions to the growth of binghamton.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said "Our diverse nation has been shaped by the sacrifices and successes of those who crossed both land and sea for the pursuit of the common dream for millions of Americans this journey began in Ireland. These courageous immigrants built strong communities and helped forge our country's future."

Co-chair person of St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee said, "It's very, very, important for Irish Americans. We enjoy getting together seeing family. A lot of people go to church to start the day off, actually I'm going to church when I leave here right now then you visit with friends and family and celebrate heritage and history."

Mayor David also presented an Irish proclamation to the ancient order of Hibernians -- an Irish, group says they're already preparing for the 50th Parade Day in 2017.