Developers are hoping to turn an old Middle School in Endicott into a new home for dozens of businesses.

"It's about 2,500 square feet that they will be pulling off the back and they will create a new front entrance and parking lot," said Jay Fanara, Property Manager of Marchuska Development.

The Henry B. Endicott middle school was built in the 50's and is 96,000 square feet. Now, developers want to give the building new life.

"Binghamton does have an innovation center that they are working on and our intent is to bring the same to Endicott," said Justin Marchuska, member of Marchuska Development LLC.

"we will have new paint, ceiling tiles, and energy efficient lighting. A renovation to make it look like higher end office space," said Fanara.

"The demolition project is planned to go on for one week. But that hasn't stopped one business owner from moving in."

Quantopix Technologies is the first tenant in the building. They moved in a month ago and are providing the Southern Tier with database software for businesses.

"We don't want to move out of this area because most of us have been here for a while and we have work here. We would like to stay and extend our help to the local business community," said Al Sabawi, President and CEO of Quantopix Technologies.

And Al sees his new office as the perfect space to grow a business.

"People want expertise to help them in the technology area. I think we can be in the center of it," said Sabawi.

When renovations are complete in the fall there will be space for 24 other businesses developers hope are ready to call Endicott home.