Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is pushing for healthier foods in public schools.

This comes after several national debates on child nutrition standards.

The landmark Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is up for renewal this year and Senator Gillibrand wants to make sure standards are not "watered down" so to speak...

The senator wants to introduce bipartisan legislation to provide more children with access to quality nutritious food throughout the summer. This includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

How could healthier foods in public schools affect children?

Certified Dietitian Jennifer Vallone said, "Not only does healthy eating begin at a young age, it continues throughout adulthood and I think it's really important to get those healthy habits started early and the more that they're exposed to healthy fruits and vegetables, it's only going to increase from there."

Senator Gillibrand also released she wants to push to expand farm to school programs as congress prepares to debate the nutrition standards.

Hear from the senator Monday as she will address the issue at Binghamton High School.