A public deliberation at SUNY Broome explored an issue that has been dominating headlines this year.

Fighting for racial and ethnic justice prompted nationwide protests in recent months, particularly in reaction to two grand jury decisions not to indict white officers for killing two black civilians. Tuesday night's event was held not only to address the headlines, but more than that, to bring different ideas and a critical thought process about how to address problems and tensions associated with racial inequality to the table.

Scott Corley, Associate Professor in the History, Philosophy and Social Sciences Department at SUNY Broome, said: "What often is not discussed is how and why there are inequities in terms of educational attainment, why people of color are incarcerated at much higher rates, things like this. This deliberation has participants talk about all of them."

Corley says the deliberation focused on addressing the issues from three different angles, as well as recognizing that there are drawbacks, payoffs and trade-offs to each approach.