With this weekend's bone chilling temperatures and wind chill factors expected to be close to 20 below zero you may be rethinking your plans about heading out to a restaurant.

If you're planning to stay in and make dinner for your Valentine you're probably looking for some unique ideas. On Friday we spoke to the folks at Wegmans who say there are many ways to have a great Valentines meal right in your own home.

"We cut sweetheart steaks that are ready to go right on your grill, or you can pan sear them easily--whatever you like to do. And we have a fleet of chefs that will be able to talk you through a great meal for a loved one," said Keith Daviau, an Executive Chef at Wegmans in Johnson City.

Daviau says there are many other items in Wegmans' Valentines Day display that they have put together if you are still looking for that perfect meal.