Lacrosse may be a spring sport, but in the northeast it's often played in winter. The Bearcats open the season at home on Saturday against Sacred Heart with temperatures for the noon face off expected to be in the teens. If you're unfamiliar with a lacrosse uniform, players wear shorts... and it'll be in the teens!

You'd think this would have the Bearcats quaking (more like shivering) in their cleats, but that's not the case. For them, it's just another day as this weather is just normal conditions for practice. They will use the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex for indoor practices, but as senior attack Tucker Nelson says, it's still cold in there too. Senior defenseman Chris Bechle says the cold weather actually makes him sharper and mentally tougher.

The one saving grace, both teams have to deal with the same conditions. As Nelson says, once you're out there running around, you stay warm.

When asked about the affect of the cold weather, Head Coach Scott Nelson joked that it affects him greatly. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do to keep warm on the sidelines.

BU hosts Sacred Heart at noon on Saturday.