By Beth Rousseau.

Could a Pennsylvania compressor station be causing health problems for some of its surrounding residents?

Benjamin Tuttle of Harford, Pennslyvania says it is. Tuttle says the noise from the Miller compressor station, located less than a mile from his home, has worsened his seizures caused by a pre-existing brain injury.

Williams Partners, who recently completed construction on the compressor station, released a statement stating they are "committed to operating the Miller compressor station in a safe and responsible manner."

"I shouldn't feel that I have to move because somebody moves into my neighborhood and they keep saying they want to be good neighbors but, I don't see it you know," said Benjamin Tuttle.

On Tuesday, the Susquehanna Planning Commission approved the running of the Miller compressor station. Tuttle said he does not want to move, and if necessary he will pursue legal action if the noise does not end.