By Beth Rousseau.

A Tioga County judge sentences Douglas Every to 17 years behind bars.

The former realtor was convicted of first degree manslaughter in november for the stabbing death of Milton Jump Jr. in October of 2013.

Jurors opted for a lesser charge than the second degree murder charge Every was initially indicted on.

Prior to today's sentencing, Judge Gerald Keene said that Douglas Every showed no remorse for killing Milton Jump Jr.

Jump's family members are pleased with the sentence and say that now they can remember Milton for the kind caring person that he was.

Candida Jump, Milton's sister, says, "Always a smile on his face, always willing to help, he'd do anything for anybody."

"That's the truth," says Milton Jump, the victim's father.

Jump was stabbed by Every during a drunken dispute between the two in the home they were sharing.

District Attorney Kirk Martin, says this sentence is a just outcome for a senseless crime.

"The most troubling part about this entire thing is that the defendant, to this day, isn't remorseful for the actions that he did. He tries to place the blame on anybody else other than himself an that is very unfortunate," says Martin.

Defense Attorney George Awad, who was seeking the minimum sentence of 5 years, disagrees saying that Every is remorseful.

"He just was overcome with emotion, he's expressed it to me numerous times," says Awad.

Even though Jump's family members say they're satisfied with the outcome, they're still mourning their loss.

"The damage was done when Milton was murdered," says Jump's father.

Candida says, "No words will bring him back."

In addition to the 17 year sentence Douglas Every will serve in state prison, he will also be under supervision for five years following his release.