More than $800,000 dollars will help revitalize the northside of Binghamton.

The Broome County Landbank held a meeting today to approve a resolution to accept the money through the Attorney General's Landbank Community Revitalization Program.

Director of the Broome County Landbank Stacy Duncan says that the money will be used for site and environmental assessments at the former Big Lots property, which will help for future development.

Duncan says that the City of Binghamton has a high priority on the development of that property and are looking at putting a grocery store in that location.

"It's been great the Attorney General's program has really served as a great catalyst for landbanks to identify with great projects in neighborhoods that really need a lift, and we certainly see the Northside as one of those neighborhoods," said Stacy Duncan, Executive Director of the Broome County Landbank.

Duncan says that some of the money will also be allocated to demolish six to seven properties on the Northside of Binghamton.